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The timeless charm of Zante

If you have the chance to visit Zante, you will realize at a glimpse that the urban environment and the buildings look as if they were built the day before. Everything feels like new, whereas the cohesive architecture of the island -from the houses and the department stores to the accommodation- turns Zante into a dreamy destination for anyone!

The maintenance of each building in Zante is an indispensable part of the daily routine of people. Especially, with regard to hotels and rented apartments, due to the fact that they host hundreds of visitors every year a great effort is made to maintain them in superb working and aesthetic condition. Most apartments to rent, like “Bella Vista Apartments”, are family-run businesses, a fact that entails higher quality services and greater human contact. The airy and bright apartments of the island offer an incredible panoramic view of the vast blue of the Ionian Sea, while the facilities are built with materials of the highest quality, ensuring the kind of hospitality that every visitor longs for.

Zante, and especially Saint Nicolas of Volimes, is the best holiday destination for those loving quiet and family moments in an idyllic place. Bella Vista is the perfect accommodation for those that enjoy nature, being just a breath away from sea. The natural appeal of the sea water is visible by the lovely balconies of Bella Vista, offering always unique moments to visitors.

No matter where the visitors of the island comes from, it is certain that one day they will come back if they take the decision to visit Zante for the first time. Zante is proved to be one of the most popular island of Greece and Europe, being the ideal choice for relaxing and refreshing holidays. The unrivalled charm of the island, the crystal clear turquoise water and the notorious hospitality of the locals are some of the island’s features that will make you feel you are in a paradise!