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Varkarola Fest 2013

With great success, the Varkarola Fest took place for another year, in Saint Nicholas port, in the area of Skinari Volimon.

Many visitors, not only Greeks but also tourists from Italy, England, and Russia, on Sunday the 18th of August 2013, flooded the picturesque port, that wore its official costume, offering its guests the opportunity to enjoy the, almost, full moon having a romantic small boat trip under the sounds of traditional music of Zante, to taste local tidbits and wine, to have fun dancing dances of Zakynthos and of the rest Ionian islands, to remember the elders and learn the youngsters of songs that have their own history in music industry and of course to buy souvenirs and other products from the flea market that was settled on the jetty.

The fest started shortly after 21.30 while the crowd that had gathered, as it was expected, much earlier, was this year more than any other previous time, showing that Varkarola is an institution that has been loved by the people and is also the best advertisement of Zakynthos island and especially of the northern part of the island.

See you all next year in Varkarola Fest 2014…

Zante is among the best islands in the world!

TripAdvisor, the world’s greatest travel website, has voted Zante and some other Greek islands among the best islands in the world! We guess that they are right…

Zante is classified among the top islands of Europe and the world according to TripAdvisor, the world’s greatest website about travelling and holiday destinations.

Specifically, TripAdvisor announced on 27th March a list with the top islands of Europe, where Zante is classified proudly in the 7th position, which is a great honour for the island! Among the most popular sights of the island are the renowned Smuggles Cove (Shipwreck) and the Blue Caves, which are located at Saint Nicolas Volimes, one of the most picturesque tourist attractions of Zante.

The Ionian Islands are considered as a splendid cinematic paradise. The deep blue and crystal water, in conjunction with the golden silky sand beaches of the Ionian Sea, make everything look amazing! Zante is one of the largest islands of the Ionian Sea and it is famous for its unique natural beauty and its fertile land. The beaches of rare beauty and the lovely sights of the island, along with the magic melodies in every part of the island, render Zante a top holiday destination.

About Saint Nicolas of Volimes in Zante

Beach: Rocks and small stones

Distance from Zakynthos: 30 kilometres

Municipality: Elatia

Close beaches: Makris Gialos, Xigia

Sights and beaches at the same municipality: Smugglers Cove (Shipwreck), Blue Caves, Makris Gialos, Xigia, Porto Vromi, Limnionas

Saint Nicolas of Volimes is a picturesque and “unharmed” settlement of Northeast Zante. Saint Nicolas port and cove is ideal for swimming and marine activities thanks to its crystal clear water.

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The Smuggler’s Cove of Zante among the best beaches in the world!

According to CNN network, four Greek beaches are among the 100 best beaches in the world. It goes without saying that the Smuggler’s Cove (Shipwreck) of Zante is among them!

Specifically, CNN published a list with the best 100 beaches in the world and some splendid Greek beaches get high rank among them too! According to the editors of this list, Grande-Anse in Seychelles is the best beach in the world, whereas the Shipwreck in Zante is the second best Greek beach (32 nd in the world) after Egkremnoi in Lefkada (24th in the world)!

Activities in Zante

If you are really keen on turquoise water and golden beaches, then Zante is the perfect holiday destination for you and your family. This sunny island has managed to be one of the most popular attractions for tourists of several nationalities, mainly for Britons and Italians, thanks to its warm climate and its relaxing atmosphere. Zante includes numerous beaches for any taste, each of which with its own special character. For instance, there are some beaches that are ideal for swimming and marine activities or sports, while others are rocky and appeal to adventurous people.

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The timeless charm of Zante

If you have the chance to visit Zante, you will realize at a glimpse that the urban environment and the buildings look as if they were built the day before. Everything feels like new, whereas the cohesive architecture of the island -from the houses and the department stores to the accommodation- turns Zante into a dreamy destination for anyone!

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