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The island

zante-map-thumb Zante, or the “Flower of the East”, is one of the most charming islands of Greece. Thanks to its fertile land and its majestic sceneries Zante is deemed a wonderful holiday destination for both adults and children. Since a few decades this splendid island of the Ionian Sea has become an attraction for thousands of tourists from all over the world. Nowadays, Zante is one of the most popular summer destinations globally.

First of all, what fascinates the visitor of Zante is the fact that the island, apart from its golden beaches, its turquoise water and its vibrant nightlife, it has a lot of surprises in store for the tourists. Actually, if you have the chance to visit the northern part of the island, you are going to discover the renowned Blue Caves that are located in a place of splendid sea beauty, offering natural rock bows which were formed because of the erosion of the rocks. At the same time, you are going to come across stunning turquoise sea water that creates a unique colour combination into the Blue Caves. The natural bows of the caves, in conjunction with the deepness of the cavities, create an impressive aesthetic environment, especially during the daylight due to the bright sun light.

However, the symbol and landmark of Zante is the Smugglers Cove (Shipwreck), which is one of the most recognizable places on a world wide scale. The bay of the Shipwreck is accessible only by sea and it’s the “home” of the Shipwreck, an idyllic place of rare beauty that “ornaments” the card postal and any kind of souvenirs. The Smugglers Cove is a so fascinating place thanks to the special white sand that you find there and of course the buried hull of the ship. The shipwreck took place in 1982 when the cargo ship was carrying illegally cigarettes and it wrecked due to inclement weather and engine damage. Undoubtedly, the Smugglers Cove is a paradise on earth for its visitors.

One more place that it’s worth visiting in Zante is the Bohali hill. From there you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the mainland of Zante in a panoramic way, just some hundreds of meters outside the town. What is more, Bohali is the place that offers access to the Venetian Castle of Zante, whereas inside the town of Zante you shouldn’t omit visiting the Saint Dionisios Church and Saint Marcos square.

Apart from the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves, the island comprises plenty magnificent beaches with crystal clear water, such as Alykes, Gerakas, Vassilikow, Porto Zoro, Porto Roma, Tsilivi, Keri and Laganas bay. Specifically, the Laganas Bay is characterized by many sandy beaches and there you can come across the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, which was founded in 1999. This area is the most significant nesting place of the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta Caretta in Greece. On the other hand, those who are looking for beaches with therapeutic properties can pay a visit to the thermal baths at Xigia. The water at Xigia is really therapeutic for those who suffer from skin conditions and arthritis. Finally, Zante includes many other picturesque coves and beaches that are only accessible by sea.

Zante is an exciting island that challenges its visitors to explore it, consisting of exceptional beauty natural sceneries and pure beaches. There is no doubt that spending holidays in Zante is an unforgettable experience for the visitors, which provides the tourists with great memories that will last forever. These memories are definitely going to lead the visitor back to Zante someday.

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